This was my 4 day project I completed for the 
It's a piece that represents family and unity.  
This is a collection of specimens/people close to me in my life.
I'm trying to bring value to family. 
 Its something that is near and dear to me;
 therefore these people are treating delicately with love and care.
I'm also bringing the attention to the family units we not only posses as hereditary; 
but the family units we create throughout our lives.  
Whether it be at school, work, or any social circumstance.  
I got the opportunity and was given a lil' family just in my experience
 at the Kimball in the RELEVANT residency program. 
 I love the creative and inspiring people I worked/ experienced the program with...
 it was instant clickage and will forever have these kindred spirits in my life. 

Thank you Kimball Art Center !!
to read about my time at the Kimball

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Shelley Whiting said...

Wow this piece is incredible. It's very exquisite and breathtaking. Masterful work!