Another figure painting study
Oil on wood panel


Tara said...

I love how loose you paint, looks effortless, but I know how hard that is to develop. (i'm taking painting next semester, and honestly, thinking of you is what's keeping me from crying) *I want to be in CLAY! ...but I will give painting a go... :)

Laura said...

You've been asking so many people to send you pictures lately... this makes me wonder.


Ditto what Tara said about you making it look so naturally effortless. There's a really beautiful flow to your work. The dynamic is such a treat.

Eva said...

wow, so beautiful :)


Claudia. said...

this is so pretty!!! the technique and the motion catpured remind me a little of Degas' ballerina paintings. I especially like your thread drawings- so pretty and so creative! it makes these perfect little designs that is really so pleasing to look at.

*Claudia* x

Anonymous said...

Love these! Love your paint quality. Girl, you can do it all! Amazing.