This may become one of my favorites
 mainly because I am WILD about her red hair!
 This one was fun because I got a lil' CRAZY 
and added some gold sequence to the shirt.


Willis Party of 6 said...

I LOVE it!!!!! Again, simply AMAZING!!!!!!!

So, is one of your giveaways going to be a family portrait?!?! I hope I win that one!!!!

Tasha T said...

It really is great! You are so talented!

Alex said...

Dang Steph! You made me look sexy! I love my pouty lips. And I LOVE the sequins! I showed all the girls at work and they think you are AMAZING! And that quote was perfect from Meet Me In St. Loui. It's perfect!

Lindsay said...

i lyyyke it a LOT. (ace ventura voice). i know what you mean.. red heads are so freakin' inspiring... i love 'em.